What is Vedic Art?

Vedic Art is an Intuitive Painting method for adults who would like to expand consciousness, heal emotional blockages and become creative in all spheres of life. Developed by a transcendental meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Swedish artist Curt Kallman, it is a modality fusing an ancient Vedic philosophy – the oldest tradition of knowledge in the world with the modern language of art.

Vedic Art is not a painting technique but a self-development method, that works long after the workshop ended. You learn to let go of things that don’t serve you, inspire you or allow you to live a fulfilling and creative life.  In this process, you learn how to stay connected to your heart and to be present in the moment. You let your true potential manifest on an empty canvas first, then in your life. 

Vedic Art requires neither skills or previous experience nor an academic understanding of the process of creating. It is open for all and anyone on a spiritual and/or creative quest, anyone looking for guidance, balance, harmony, and happiness. Anyone who wants’s to paint from the heart, not from the mind!

The 17 principles of Art and Life are based in ancient Vedic knowledge that transcends the cultural, religious and philosophical dogma.  It is art-focused meditation in motion and a creative process based on natural laws that exist in all of us waiting to be activated. The process resembles that of a lotus seed buried deep in a mud awaiting the impulse to grow toward the light, therefore, becoming a beautiful flower for the enjoyment of all.


The principles of Vedic Art can help you to:​

Awaken to your unique gifts and potentials

Unblock creativity in art and any other aspect of life

Remember how to express yourself freely with an open heart

Initiate you on a new creative project

Become more intuitive

Learn how to live accordingly with inner knowing

Help you feel more confident about your skills and talents

Return faith in yourself through the acceptance of who you are

Paint your dreams and allow them to manifest for you

Liberate from the blockages of ego and fears

Paint, paint, paint……

Vedic Art is not a licensed therapy but it can be deeply therapeutic and healing.

Your heart in result opens up to show the truth about yourself and your own divine presence.