Vedic Art. Frequently asked questions about Intuitive Painting and the workshops.

Those are some of the most frequent questions I have received so far in regards to Vedic Art. I bet there will be more, and I don’t mind. Actually I love getting questions because it feels to me like both the student and me – we enter a path of communication on a deeper and more personal level. Enjoy.

How would you describe Vedic Art?

Vedic Art is a method of self-development and intuition for adults through painting. That means we don’t learn necessarily how to paint, there is no particular technique we are embracing. We stay in the process of being creative and present in the moment. That allows us to enter an inner dialog, address whatever the process of 17 Principles of Art & Life is colling from us. Letting go of something from the past, imagining our dreams, understanding our shadow aspect, etc.

What are the 17 Steps of Art & Life?

17 Principles of Art & Life are guidelines given to all certified teachers who use them during the classes as a step by step program in the form of a script. The principle is revealed, as we go forward.

Can children participate in the Vedic Art Course?

Vedic Art is a method for adults, but I am happy to let kids age 12 – 17 participate free of charge. They will need their own painting supplies and follow the rules of the workshop, for example, we don’t allow electronic gadgets during the class, we also don’t chatter and try to do out work in silence. Some restrictions may apply, so please be sure to ask me for details.

How long is the Workshop

Between 25-35 hours. Some workshops take 3-4 days, sometimes they are in the form of a retreat, so they might last for 5-7 days.

Do I need to partake in the entire course?

To fully assimilate the 17 Principles of Art and Life I recommend staying for the whole workshop, but because this is a personal journey, and deep process, if you feel a desire to leave earlier, this is entirely up to you. You will be given a certificate for the Principles you’ve accomplished. And, you’re welcome to come back to finish at where you left off.

Can I host a Vedic Art Workshop?

Yes! I am open to collaborations and all sorts of creative get-togethers!  If you have a place that can host a group of participants, quiet, meditative, inspiring, I would love to host the workshop in your “corner of the woods”. The host receives free admission to the workshop 🙂 Ask me for more details! 

Do you coach in one on one style?

Yes!  This would be a deeply beneficial and very personalized style of Vedic Art workshop, demanding, transforming and very rewarding.

What is the cost of the Workshop?

The investment is $450 per person for the entire course.

Keep in mind there might be additional costs if other services are provided, like food, housing, accompanying treatments (yoga, sound bath, etc). The details can be found in the workshop/schedule section.

Do I have to have my own art supplies?

Yes. The list of materials will be provided after the sign up for the workshop. Generally, you will need acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas in different sizes and shapes 🙂 The hunt for the art supplies is an initiation into the world of Vedic Art.