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Summer Solstice Motanki Dolls Workshop

Motanki Dolls are fun to make and magical when finished, and the Summer Solstice is a potent time for magic, as the doors to the spirit world are wider open on this longest day of the year. With positive intention, we can access healing, wisdom, and understanding during the ritual of making a Motanki Doll. She can serve as a powerful talisman and a guide on your quest for self-development, well-being and happiness.

In this guided process you will be introduced to the art of the ancient Slavic tradition of doll making. There is no sewing involved, the doll is made entirely without using any sharp objects, as a poke with a needle would suggest bad luck. No fabric or thread is used here by accident.

The colors, patterns, and layers of materials all reveal a deeper psychological meaning. The use of fabrics that symbolize something personal is common – grandmother’s handkerchief, a piece of a wedding dress, a muslin that reminded you of ballerinas, a charm, or a jewel brings a personal touch and makes the doll uniquely yours.

This is very creative and deeply personal, meditative, and contemplative in nature process.

The list of materials will be provided after you purchase your ticket.

Cost: $45.00

Space is limited so make sure to secure your spot to avoid disappointment.

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