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My First Tarot Deck. And what to do with it.

You want to know your future, yes? Why, you should learn to read Tarot then! Knowing the art of cartomancy can give you a greater understanding of who you are and what’s your next step in the game of life! The cards truly represent our current state of affairs and even if things look murky – there is always a remedy that can be obtained from the reading. The Universe has your back and seeing that the cards somehow reflect your situation can bring hope and shift our perception. As you choose your card, a picture full of personalized symbolism is revealed.

I will never forget the first Tarot card I picked. It was a cold January evening in 2011 at a Shamanic Retreat in Germany. Many many years ago. I was deeply depressed, physically exhausted, financially broke, and incredibly desperate to find healing and guidance. To better understand the intention for the upcoming Shamanic Ceremony, I was asked to pull a random card from the Thoth Tarot Deck. The card was supposed to represent “me” at that moment in time. I picked 7 of Disks. I didn’t know what it meant, but I was not amused.

Thoth Tarot. Seven of Disks. Failure.

For those new to Tarot – Seven of Disks is an ominous card rarely welcomed in a reading. The card looks scary or sad in many Tarot decks, and it can be a very dire warning for a person receiving it. It represents accumulated fears that block the light of hope, the energy for progress and revitalization. There’s a failure lurking behind every “suspicious corner of your mind”.

My teachers/shamans have explained patiently that this card shows up when one experiences a desire to move through old fears around finances, health, work, creativity and relationship, especially if these fears surfaced in childhood, around 7 years old.

Dreaming Way Tarot.
 Rome Choi. Artist  Kwon Shina

I didn’t recognize the potential of Seven of Disks at first, it was more a reflective mirror of my sorry mental state than a guiding star, but since it would show up in the majority of my readings for the first year of working with Tarot, I had to answer this persistent calling, roll up my sleeves, put in the hard work, and ride it out. 

Swedish witch Tarot ( Jolanda Tarot ) 7 of Pentacles


Back to your new Tarot. Your intuition will play a major role in unpacking your deck. You might feel compelled to pull cards immediately, or perhaps you would prefer to say hello and familiarize yourself with the cards before you do a reading. There are no rules on that.

I like to look at my new cards before divination. I feel them out, see what “speaks” to me and how is the deck organized. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any cards that caught my attention? Which ones and why?
  • What is the overall impression of the deck? Is there a prevalent theme, like Herbal Tarot, Vampire Tarot, or Allan Edgar Poe Tarot and if yes, what has attracted me to it?
  • How many cards with distinctive fire, water, air, and earth elements can I spot? And do they evoke any feelings? Like I wish I had more energy and creative fire, or I wish I was by the water, soaking the sun, replenishing.

My very first reading with a new deck is always the same: I shuffle the cards, split the pile in 3, lay out the cards on the table, and pick ONE CARD  that represents my bond with the deck. One card that signifies my connection to it.

I haven’t done that with my very first deck of Thoth tarot as I just didn’t know any of this stuff. But as I am forced to buy more decks (my higher-self is very persistent about this, twisting my arm and all) I always establish a relationship between us that way.

I write everything down and I suggest to all my students to do the same. This is my secret to learning the cards faster. When I take notes I memorize the meanings better, and going back to my journal allows me to spot tendencies and synchronicities and see a bigger picture.


After you established a basic relationship with your beautiful cards, it’s time to ask your first questions.

I recommend a simple 1 to 3 cards draw daily for practice and guidance, with a simple question: What energies surround me today? I also recommend doing 7 or 10 cards spread when the time allows. Yes, you are ready for it, even if you’re a beginner. If you manifested the cards into your life, you have what it takes to do a reading for yourself. It’s more complex with more cards, and you need to spend more time interpreting and contemplating them, but the effort is well worth it.

Write down everything that happens during the readings. Include the date, your emotional state, intention, the cards you picked, and what they represent for you at a glance. Analyze the colors, shapes, symbols, people, or creatures on your card that signify a part of your psyche right now. Look into your guiding book and see what comes up there. Write down the sentences that seem important and appropriate. Go back to your notes and compare your readings. Are there any cards that seem to reappear over and over again? That’s a personal message for you!

When it comes to asking the right questions the only rule is that we don’t ask from Tarot yes or no questions. If you wish for more ideas about asking fun questions, check this out.

I hope your adventures with Tarot are lucky and many!

Please let me know what cards have played a significant role in your readings. Any persistent cards? Or maybe you noticed there are never-appearing cards? And show off your new deck!

Till the next cup of coffee, stay safe and cool!

Many Blessings

Pati Becker


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