Vedic Art Intuitive Painting

Vedic Art is an art-focused process of self-development based on natural laws that exist in all of us, waiting to be activated. Vedic Art follows the 17 Principles of Art & Life – a step-by-step program that reveals the truth hidden within our own awakening. It is based on the ancient Vedic knowledge, the Vedas, and it transcends the cultural, religious, and philosophical dogma. 

Vedic Art requires no skills, previous experience, or an academic understanding of the process of creating. It is open for anyone ready to become a creative powerhouse and start living authentically!

Vedic Art is taught in person and it can not be propagated in a form of a book, manual, or even a blog entry, as the personal experience of the 17 Principles of Art & Life can not be assimilated conceptually and mentally from a written text only. Veda itself cannot be bound within a book because it is not the knowledge of facts, things, or ideas. Rather, it is knowledge through direct experience of the abstract and all-inclusive field of consciousness itself. Veda is pure knowledge.

Now is the time to wake up to your potential and power, to move and to shake. Pay attention to all that life is telling you. When you nurture awakening, your life becomes creative rather than reactive – an infinitely more powerful place to be!

Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Vedic Art is a personal journey, a process that necessitates introspection and intention. It is meditative, playful, relaxing, and transformative. It is a long process, it takes somewhere between 25 to 30 hours of intuitive painting. During this time you dive deep into your creative and intuitive oceans.

Vedic Art is a spiritual technology of getting in tune with your intuition

Vedic Art

  • changes perspectives
  • gives life new color an meaning
  • busts self-confidence and self-trust
  • helps to overcome personal and creative blocks
  • teaches to listen to the heart and trust your inner knowing
  • “gives permission” to express yourself just the way you are
  • liberates you from the blockages of ego-based fears
  • helps you get in touch with your inner child
  • gives you a chance to practice self-love

Vedic Art is a certified course honored in the USA and Europe.

Upon finishing your 17 Steps of Art & Life you will receive a Certificate for FOUNDATION COURSE. If you wish to continue your study, upon accomplishing all levels of training you can become a Certified Teacher of Vedic Art (at this moment available only in the EU). More about the official Vedic Art Courses and the Method from the founders can be found HERE.

When you finish your course, you will be awed by the beautiful paintings that you made!

Vedic Art is a registered trademark in the EU.

How did this all started?

Vedic Art method and the program was founded by Swedish artist Curt Källman (1938-2010) who received inspiration in 1974 in India while studying transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Curt devoted his life to mastering the technique of Vedic Art. The first official course took place in 1988, and since then Vedic Art has grown in popularity across Europe. Today, the work of Curt is continued by his son Johannes Källman and hundreds of teachers around the world.

My first Vedic Art course took place in Poland with an artist and Vedic Art Teacher par excellence –  Agatta Karpowicz in 2012. She introduced me to the method with passion and love, unveiled mysteries of sacred creativity, and opened my heart to my true goddess self!
I received my Certified Vedic Art Tacher Diploma from Ewa Szymczak in 2014. This beautiful experience expanded my inner and outer boundaries and, gave me a very needed space for my own personal expression, and help me understand the meaning of living in the now.

“Vedic Art is a navigation map. Use the compass you have in your mind and find the way to the chamber of peace in your heart. Then, when you dip your brush in the light – your space, bliss and eternity will be pictured.” – CURT KÄLLMAN 


Can children participate in the Vedic Art Course?

Vedic Art is a method of self-development for adults, but I am happy to let kids age 12 – 17 participate, first child free of charge, after that 50% off the original price. They will need their own painting supplies and follow the rules of the workshop. Some restrictions may apply, so please be sure to ask for details.

Do I need to partake in the entire course?

To fully assimilate the 17 Principles of Art and Life I recommend participating in the whole workshop, but it’s OK not to – since this is a personal journey, you know when your boat arrived at the port. You will be given a certificate for the Principles you’ve accomplished. And, you’re welcome to come back to follow up:)

Can I invite a Vedic Art Workshop?

Yes! I am open to collaborations and all sorts of creative get-togethers!  If you have a place that can host a group of up to 12 I would love to do the workshop in your “neck of the woods”. The host receives free admission to the workshop 🙂 Ask for more details! 

Do you coach in one on one style?

I prefer to work in groups as the inner processes often find a mirror in other people’s work, but I can provide individual coaching which would be deeply beneficial and quite transforming to the person that receives it.

Can I become A Vedic Art Teacher?

Yes. It takes a few steps to become a Certified Vedic Art Teacher, but it is worth it for sure! The first step is taking the Foundation Class with me 🙂

2012. Baltic Sea Coast. Poland. First experience of Vedic Art. Author on the right.