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    Summer Solstice Motanki Dolls Workshop

    Motanki Dolls are fun to make and magical when finished, and the Summer Solstice is a potent time for magic, as the doors to the spirit world are wider open on this longest day of the year. With positive intention, we can access healing, wisdom, and understanding during the ritual of making a Motanki Doll. She can serve as a powerful talisman and a guide on your quest for self-development, well-being and happiness. In this…

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    Spring and Summer Workshop

    I would like to invite you for a Tarot Workshop in person or online. I’m doing a virtual class for the first time, I think it’s going to be a great experience! If you preferer to join us in person, that’s even better! Either way – Don’t miss it. This is intense, information packed workshop for newbies and advanced tarotists. Here you will find the exact dates, and more details –

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    Tarot Classes are back!

    Hello Creative co-creators. I am happy to announce the next series of Tarot classes! After quite a roller coaster that the first quarter of 2021 has produced (yes, so far it’s been worse (and better) than 2020) – things are getting … well…interesting. No better time to pick a card to see what might guide us in this very bizarre and shifting time. You can check out our community on Meetup group and check for…

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    Today’s class was amazing. I’ve never learned so much in such a short time. Pati’s approach to teaching tarot is beautiful. I have a completely different and more clear understanding of the card meanings after just a few short hours. Thank you, Pati! I’ll be back for more of your classes. Laura Learn how to intuitively read the Tarot and gain a solid intellectual understanding of the Cards. This workshop gives you everything you need…

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    Vedic Art. How does it work?

    Vedic Art is a method of self-development for adults through painting. That means we don’t learn necessarily how to paint, there is no particular technique we are embracing. We stay in the process of being creative and present in the moment. That allows us to enter an inner dialog, through the process of integrating the 17 Principles of Art & Life. We are letting go and letting flow. The 17 Principles of Art & Life are…