Pati is a Vedic Art certified teacher and modern-day Medicine Woman with the unique gift of combining healing modalities with intentional creativity. She works in several different areas of Mystical Arts, like Folk Herbalism, Shamanism, I – Ching, Tarot, Runes and Akashic Records.

Working within the love and light, with the highest intent, she is guided by her intuition, spirit and guides to help people experience new freedom in life and resolve issues and blockages that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

She holds an extensive, if not paradoxical, background in Journalism and Communications, Visual Advertising, Videography, Shamanism, Vedic Art and is a classically trained violinist. However, she considers her commitment to her own healing, living from the heart, creating rituals and creating space for others where healing and transformation can take place her most valuable certification. 

She recognizes the benefit of utilizing harmonizing modalities that are catalyzing and transformative in nature. She is a tree hugger, herbalist, Earth Keeper, and comparative mythologist from time to time. She is constantly immersed in research and learning, embracing the power of creativity and Earth-Based Wisdom.

She is a traditional archer and a historical reconstructor and takes part in living archeology events where she reenacts the life of Vikings, Slavs and tribal cultures from 1000’s years ago. Dressed in hand made linen and wool wardrobe, adorned with antique jewels and armed with Scythian bow and arrows, she abandons the modern comforts to get in touch with simper life of ancestors and to hang with other like-minded, and equally passionate if not a little crazy enthusiast of living history.

She believes that by nature, we are all brilliant, creative, intuitive beings, capable of creating much more than we often believe, capable of greater happiness, joy, peace and prosperity.

Ash Vedas is her official website presenting Vedic Art, Intuitive Painting & Motanki Ancestral Dolls.

“Goddess On A Coffee Break” is her blog where she explores in detail the benefits of working with Intuition, Archetypes, Mandalas, Dreams, Shamanic rituals and ceremonies, all while sipping coffee. She believes that the practice of mastering self doesn’t have to be a lengthy process and even a 30-minute ritual (on a coffee break) is sufficient to put you in touch with your divine self and create a sphere of healing, self-acceptance and joy.

Pati was born in Poland and moved to the United States when she was 19 years old.

She lives on a farm in Apple Country in Western North Carolina, with her husband, two sons, four goats, and more chicken than she can manage to count.