Intuitive Art & Life.

Creative expression and intuition belong to humanity’s oldest gifts and often most neglected. We’re all creative, intuitive, and artistic as children, but only some of us retain the ability to create, both in art and in life. As a result of abandoned creativity, we lack passion, intention, focus, we are short on time, our inner rhythm is all wacky – we are not sure where we’re going. Somewhere on the way, we lost our spontaneity and the intuitive process moved from our gut – feeling center to our brains where we tend to over-edit, overthink, and overanalyze.

Yet, we are capable of creating much more than we often believe is possible. All it takes is to remember how to play, like a child, free from dogma, a need for productivity, fully present on the process of creating. It might take unlocking some secret doors behind emotional blockages and thought patterns, it might be allowing yourself to have a moment just for yourself. You have the potential to create the life of your dreams if you let go of fears and step into the unknown.



Painting in a meditative process, while guided by The 17 Principles of Art and Life, will allow you to gently transform your wounds and blockages, opening you for healing and feeling of joy. You manifest your changes first on the canvas and then in real life. You become aware of your heart’s true calling, you honor your Rhythm, and you became more balanced.

Vedic Art is not an art technique but a philosophy of creating from your heart and activating deeper levels of intuition – it is a transcendental method of self-expression, it overcomes the boundaries of your intellect, inner judgment, and allows to create fearlessly and without intellectual expectations of the final product.

You manifest your changes first on the canvas and then in real life.

Author unknown.

Vedic Art requires no skills, previous experience, or an academic understanding of the process of creating. It is open to anyone who is ready to become a creative powerhouse and start living mindfully and joyfully.

Vedic Art has no religious connotation; the source of inspiration for the creators of Vedic Art was the ancient tradition of Vedic knowledge – The Vedas, and the modern language of art.

I am thrilled to invite you to discover Intuitive Art & Life in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I hope we can connect and create art from the heart together!

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Motanka. Pati Becker

Motanki (motanka -singular) are Ancestral dolls of good wishes, magic, and protection made entirely without sewing. These simple rag dolls are a cultural heritage of Slavic people, almost entirely forgotten during the Soviet rules. Thanks to old babushkas of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, the tradition and art of Motanki is going through reawakening and is gaining in fashion among doll enthusiasts and folk artisans.

The tradition of doll making has a long history entwined in folklore, magical thinking, and shamanism, and can be traced in almost every culture on the planet, from native Americans, through India, all the way to Japan.

Making a doll used to serve as a way to educate youngsters, and simply do something creative and fun. Most importantly the dolls assisted as amulets and magical objects that were passed from mother to daughter, to ensure good luck, protection, happy marriage, and abundance. Therefore they were made in a ritual manner, with intention, in accordance with moon cycles, ominous dates, and upcoming celebrations.


Workshops last from 3 to 5 hours. Every participant will make at least one doll accordingly with the traditional technique and style. Intuition plays an important role in this process because the doll represents the emotional state of the maker, as well as his/her desires and hopes.

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Much love and many blessings.

Pati Becker